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Modern law for finance.


Legal hub for expert legal advice

Welcome to BanFin, expert law for entrepreneurial financial services companies.
We are different from other law firms, balancing the human touch with the latest tech to provide the modern legal experience your company needs to compete effectively.

Law for financial services

In today’s rapidly moving financial markets, clients are demanding more than the business-as-usual from their law firms. BanFin provides a broad scope of legal advice for the financial services sector. With years of experience on the international stage, BanFin provides you with the reassurance that your legal matters will be handled professionally, by experts.

Business law services

Running a business can touch many aspects of the law. BanFin can provide legal advice on many operational aspects across your business, home and abroad :

Financial legal expertise

Derivatives, ISDA documentation and negotiation

Capital markets - ECM/DCM/IPOS

Financial investigation and risk mitigation

Corporate trust and loan agency

Real estate finance

Regulatory and compliance

Corporate law services

Business management consultancy: Improve performance and encourage growth

Dispute management: Financial dispute resolution and business relationship management

Legal project support: Legal project management and additional resource

Commercial property: Take the risk out of property, minimising pitfalls

Software: Ensure protection and certainty of ownership