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Modern Law for Finance

Your very own legal department.

Customised to meet your needs and budget, driven by tech

Modern day law has to meet the needs of modern day businesses.

Whatever your legal needs, however complex, BanFin provides the highest quality legal services, but delivered without the fuss and mind boggling costs of traditional firms.


Deep financial services sector expertise


Complete client workflow and communication system


High quality law, but faster and cheaper

The power of LawBite

LawBite is a digital legal platform for business.

We use the latest on-line tools and advanced data science to bring your business up to date. Uniquely, we have our own law firm sitting on our platform, this is called LawBriefs.

We select only the best lawyers, solicitors and mediators, with on average, 15 years post qualification experience.

With our own law firm on the platform, you can be confident that all work is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and case work is fully insured.



We’re a tech driven business delivering fast and flexible legal services. Everyone is customer-centric, caring deeply about giving you an experience that solves the challenges that impact your business.

Our values





Team work


What is BanFin’s area of expertise?

Capital markets

Financial investigation and risk mitigation

Regulatory and compliance

Real estate

Corporate trust and loan agency

Derivatives / ISDA documentation and negotiation


Are your Lawyers qualified?

Yes, all our lawyers are UK-certified lawyers. We can also supply qualified lawyers in over 75 countries throughout the world for International projects.

What is LawBriefs?

The work that BanFin carries out is conducted through our law firm called Lawbriefs Ltd.

Lawbriefs Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 622808) whose regulations can be found here.

All work undertaken through Lawbriefs Ltd is fully insured.
ISDA Membership is via Lawbriefs